Date- February 6, 2020

Time- 4:22 Post Meridiem

Aquila Daily Planner

Kya aapke toothpaste mein Namak Hai? Nhi. Hamare Toothbrush mein namak h.

(Does your toothpaste contain Salt? No, Our “Toothbrush” contains salt.)

Yeah, that’s how our day started with this silly joke between Priyanshu and Rigved.

Typically a day for any member of Team Aquila starts around 8:00 am when we enter the office. We have our day planning session and then all back to work, but that’s a typical day. Less often we have our chill days where we learn more about each other than our strategy, model or resources. It usually starts with one of us wanting others’ perspective till everyone’s invading that one member’s space and there, we have a gala time. With jokes and food flowing around, I believe it becomes the time we will cherish and help create bonds which we hope stay for a long time.

When it comes to F1 in schools though. We all are determined. Our team is Central India’s First team taking part in the F1 IN SCHOOLS Competition hosted by Time of Sports. In detail F1 in Schools is a social enterprise launched in the UK in 2000 as a Design & Technology Project. With its committed industry partners like Emirates, Rolex, and Mercedes, it aims to provide a global educational program that raises awareness of STEM and Formula 1 among students. It is the world’s biggest STEM Challenge which inspires students to think beyond limits, challenge themselves, and have an outside the classroom experience working hands-on with information technologies constantly testing their Creativity, Designing, Making, and Critical Evaluation.

Coming back to the team, Our Aquila Family is slowly growing. Now we have 2 sponsors supporting us. It feels good when you see others being able to understand your cause and standing with you supporting it. For us all as a team and family, F1 in Schools is not just a competition to take part in, but also a way to be part of this social enterprise, supporting it bring change, whether it’s in young people’s perspective about STEM, our responsibility as the citizens of the earth to move towards a sustainable world or just challenging oneself to test themselves.

First team for F1 in Schools India from Central India.