Date- August 2, 2021

Time-18:30 Post Meridiem

Greetings! It’s been a long time since the last blog. The whole team was occupied with respective works. The nationals finals are on the way and Aquila is brushing up their skills for the partially physical nationals round.

The team began with the…

Date- June 1,2021

Time- 18:30 Post Meridiem

As we are nearing the National Finals, our preparations are intensifying. We have gained a kick start in all the fields of the F1 in Schools competitive sage, be it the technical aspect or non-technical.

We have successfully completed a polished sponsorship prospectus…

Date- May 28, 2021

Time- 20:30 Post Meridiem

Continuing our Learning Sessions series of podcast, yesterday, we had with us Mr. Errol Hale from LEAP (Leading Engineering Application Providers) Australia. Mr. Errol enlightened us about the testing and CFD department of the car-designing process. LEAP has a long established reputation…

Date- May 18, 2021

Time- 20:15 Post Meridiem

Yesterday we conducted our first ever Learning Session. Learning Session is a series of virtual meetings held with highly skilled and knowledgeable people in their fields. They share their ideas, thoughts, and answer our questions. For yesterday’s session we had Mr. …

Date- May 17, 2021

Time- 20:00 Post Meridiem

Following the prominent success of our podcast series, The Aquila View, we had with us, Team Adrenaline. The Aquila View is a collection of podcasts with multiple F1 in Schools teams from all over the globe. The podcast includes a question and…

Date- May 13, 2021

Time- 20:15 Post Meridiem

The future is for those who know how to wait. If you wait for tomorrow, tomorrow comes. Seems like we have taken these proverbs pretty seriously. We have been waiting for the results since half a month. We got an email regarding…

Date- May 1,2021

Time- 22:30 Post Meridiem

Today was the day of our virtual open nationals qualifiers verbal presentation. Today, all our efforts were to be judged. We had to present our journey to the F1 in schools judges.
After a sleepless night, full of improvisation and perfection of our presentation…

Date- April 30,2021

Time- 13:57 Ante Meridiem

Virtual Open National Qualifier is two days away! We have started off with the preparation of our presentation. Intense brainstorming is what follows.

Verbal presentation holds a massive chunk of points in the F1 in schools contest. Preparing for it, we could not…

Date- April 28,2021

Time- 22:15 Post Meridiem

We are in the end game now! Today is the day for the final submission of all our Regional qualifiers endeavours. Today is the day for submission of all the documents we have created so far.

Today is the day we had spent…

Date — February 22, 2021

Time — 09:28 Post Meridiem

The Countdown is at Nineteen days from THE DAY which is the F1 in School Qualifiers Round.

Since the past 2 days, things have been different than normal in our office. Due to the rising COVID 19 cases in our…

Team Aquila

First team for F1 in Schools India from Central India.

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